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  • Webinar by MSU professor Tanya Wright on vocabulary instruction through read aloud. Press "ok" to access. 
  • Video Lesson by MSU professor Tanya Wright read on a aloud lesson focused on vocabulary
  • Video discussion with UM's Nell Duke on Using Informational Text to Build Literacy and Content Knowledge (Part 1)
  • Video interview with teacher on Using Informational Text to Build Literacy and Content Knowledge (Part 2)

North Carolina

  • NC Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) Livebinder of ELA Resources
  • NCDPI Wiki page of ELA resources and news


Additional Resource Links

Need a 360 Degree Look?

  • Check out this collection of resources built around Words We Live By: Your Annotated Guide to the Constitution by Linda Monk. You'll find a roadmap for the anchor text, as well as a close reading lesson that models text-dependent questions. Finally, we've included a text set for students in grades 6-8 to build knowledge about the constitution and governance.

Text Sets

Interested in creating units of instruction? These text sets provide examples of how to organize texts around a clear line of inquiry to help students build knowledge about the world. The accompanying Guide to Creating Text Sets walks you through the process so you can create sets of your own.

2-3 Animals with Special Abilities  
Anchor Text: Wonders of Nature
4-5 Earth's Precious Resource  
Anchor Text: A Drop Around the World
4-5 The Heroic Age  
Anchor Text: After the Last Dog Died
4-5 The American Revolution 
Anchor Text: When Mr. Jefferson Came to Philadelphia
4-5 Tracking Trash in Our Oceans  
Anchor Text: Flush
6-8 Ecosystems and Their Impacts on Populations  
Anchor Texts: Naturally Selected to Survive
6-8 The Civil Rights Movement  
Anchor Text: The Watsons Go to Birmingham
6-8 The Constitution  
Anchor Text: Words We Live By
9-10 Impact of Individuals' Words and Actions  
Anchor Text: 917 Address to Congress on Women's Suffrage
9-10  Leaving a Legacy: Eulogies of Civil Rights Figures  
Anchor Text Remarks on the Assassination of MLK
9-10  Taking a Stand 
Anchor Text: The Lottery
9-10 The Fragile Frame of Freedom  
Anchor Text: Four Freedoms Speech
9-10 Examining Issues of Violence Against Women  
Anchor Text: The Good Braider
9-10 Civil Rights Movement  
Anchor Text: To Kill A Mockingbird
9-10 Salem Witch Trials  
Anchor Text: Young Goodman Brown
11-12 High School Sports  
Anchor Text: "Kill 'Em! Crush 'Em! Eat 'Em Raw!"