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A Roadmap provides a way to organize information about the complexity of a text. It offers an overview of all of your measures as well as a recommendation for placement, possible scaffolds needed, and ideas for instruction.

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Check out our Roadmaps Library Educators from across the U.S. submitted these roadmaps. They offer ideas and suggestions for text placement and instruction.
The ELA SCASS has provided this collection of exemplar roadmaps for review. Please note that the roadmaps are not a definitive determination. We recognize teachers have different considerations to make in light of their students and tasks. It also is important to note that it is very helpful to go through the process of determining text complexity and exemplar the roadmaps serve as strong examples. We encourage teachers to learn how to use the tool and then discuss their findings within PLCs . 

K-1 Literary: Leo the Late BloomerAmazing Grace
Informational: My Feet   
2-3 Literary: The Stories Julian Tells
Informational: Wonders of Nature
4-5 Literary: The View from SaturdaySeedfolksWhen Mr. Jefferson Came to Philadelphia
Informational: American Revolution (Kids Discover)  
6-8 Literary: All of the AboveThe Hunger Games 
Informational: Words We Live By: Your Annotated Guide to the Constitution (excerpt), George Washington: Spymaster
9-10 Literary: The Lottery  
Informational: Remarks on the Assassination of MLKFour Freedoms SpeechQuilt of a Country 
11-12 Literary: The Scarlet Letter 
Informational: The Mysteries of MassPreface to The Meaning of Art: Its Nature, Role, and Value


Roadmaps from NC teachers: Check out this collection of roadmaps created by North Carolina teachers.